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Obama Insults His Ancestry


Obama’s oratorical incompetence is making headlines. He’s a stammering loon without his teleprompter. His St. Patrick’s Day debacle is good for a chuckle.

But I want to poke Barry with a different needle. After his self-congratulatory miscue, President Klink warned the assembled Irish-for-a-Day crowd:

about the free-flowing bar and warned his guests not to wear lampshades on their heads in front of the cameras.

The hurtful stereotype of the drunken Irishman is evidently still acceptable. Cultural sensitivity only matters if the victim group has been formally established in academia and sanctioned by government.

In January, there was a flap about a grocer advertising fried chicken and greens during Black History Month. The objections weren’t about the foods, but those foods in context. Shouldn’t the same apply to booze jokes on St. Pat’s?

Since another branch of Barry’s lineage leads back to slave-owners, on which day should we be allowed to make wisecracks about Islamic Arabs and the value of human life?