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It Really is The Great State

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Remember during the campaign how Sarah Palin was always referring to “the Great State of Alaska”? I think nearly everyone heard that like an air-headed cheerleader at a pep rally waving her poms and yelling, “Yay! for Alaska! It's so great! Give me an A…”.

She wasn’t being a cheerleader any more than Governor Pawlenty when he talks about Minnesota’s lakes. Or when Governor Doyle mentions Wisconsin’s fine cheese.

The Great State is a common term Alaskans use to refer to their homeland. The word “Alaska” comes from the Alyeut word Alyeska, meaning “great land”.

Being the Great State is part of the Alaskan identity. It is an historical point of pride, and a term of endearment.

Did any of those who thought Palin was a moron know that fact? How smart are they?