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Tinted Justice


The Barrister posts:

Black AG working for black President says Americans need to make "racial progress" and to deal with race better by somehow becoming more race conscious. I always thought the goal was color-blindness - to deal with individuals, not skin colors. It's not hard to do that, because there seem to be about a thousand different skin tones in the US.

I think we ought to speak - and think - less about race. It's a stupid subject.

It is difficult to talk about race when raising the topic so often leads, almost immediately, to being branded “racist”. This is one of several areas where the anonymity of the internet reveals the depth of prejudice. Witness the first comment to the linked story:

Thats going to upset limbaugh nation. The righties don't like to be reminded of their racist past and present. Everythings great in their trailer park as far as race relations go you know

How could a righty begin a dialog with someone who has prejudged him to fit a collection of hostile stereotypes?

It is absurd to believe we can get closer to Dr. King’s dream by having the Justice Department focus on race.