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Equal Time in the Classroom


TJIC has a suggestion to address the lefty bias our educational system:

I think that anarchists should be given equal time - every time the schools bring a politician in, anarchists should be brought in too.

“Hey, kids, do you want to go to Disney World?”


“Well, your moms and dads worked very hard, and now they have a lot of money, and they can all take you to Disney World, and maybe buy you a pony.”


“…but, oh, wait, sorry, the government took all that money away from your mom and dad in the form of taxes. That money is going to be spent giving lazy policemen triple overtime and gold plated pensions, and offering subsidized housing for folks that are too lazy to go to work the way your mom and dad do. So, the cops kids are going to Disney World, but you’re not. Sorry.”

I wonder if the children of lefties would respond as placidly as their parents to the forced redistribution of their toys?