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The first day of the Age of Obama is nearly over. The chattering class is affirming a transformational milestone concept to which I cannot subscribe. Even the ardent critics of Barry’s now-masked marxist worldview seem to be impressed by this superficial achievement.

Perhaps today my most kindred spirit is the Mayor of a mythical town who hosts a show on AM radio. Mayor Joe Soucheray wondered on today’s program why, given that he is easily overcome by sentiment, that the imminence of a black President left him unmoved. He decided that the practical-to-a-fault mindset in Garage Logic (Soucheray’s mythical town) just doesn’t care about race or color. It’s a non-factor in the tasks a President can be expected to face.

Soucheray decided that the defining quality of Obama is not his race, but that he won the election without having achieved anything significant before becoming President-elect. Barry is the embodiment of diversity for the sake of diversity. He’s good because he’s different. And in Soucheray’s world, things are good only when they’re good. Diversity is just a fact, not a accomplishment.

Yes. I am unmoved, too.

In his boilerplate victory speech, Barry recounted the tale of 106-year-old black woman who had seen her rights expand dramatically in a lifetime. But this woman’s experience is not Obama’s experience. The pundits mistily recounting civil rights marches and the bloggers posting photos of lunch counter sit-ins are describing a history which Barry had to seek out and attach himself to. It is not his story.

Obama migrated to a United States where the civil rights battles had already been fought and won. His assuming the mantle of Martin Luther King strikes me as contrived. It’s like General Colt’s victory parade in a small French town which Kelly’s Heroes had already liberated.

The strident Steve Sailer puts it like this:

White self-congratulation is a dominant motif today since it's hard to congratulate African-American culture on Obama, at least with a straight face. Here we are, 43 years after the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and the first black President turns out to have had a completely non-black upbringing sequestered out in the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles from any black community.

Obama is exactly the kind of phony African-American beneficiary of affirmative action at Harvard, the kind who are either immigrants, outright foreigners (like Barack Sr.) or have a white parent or grandparent, of whom Harvard Law professor Lani Guinier has been complaining for years:

Guinier, a Harvard law professor, was quoted in The Boston Globe at the time as saying that most minority students at elite colleges were “voluntary immigrants,” not descended from slaves. “If you look around Harvard College today, how many young people will you find who grew up in urban environments and went to public high schools and public junior high schools?” she said. “I don’t think, in the name of affirmative action, we should be admitting people because they look like us, but then they don’t identify with us.”

My United States have already embraced Dr. King’s dream. I do not see the color of the next President’s skin. The content of his character, and more so the policies he proposes, are the measure by which I assess Barack Obama. I hope the guilty whites and racist blacks who put Barry on top will one day join me here. Then I will be moved.