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Who’s He Talkin’ About?

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[T]he single worst major party candidate for high office in living memory, a proudly ignorant political automaton whose only notable qualities are a pretty face, a sufficient lack of awareness to [be blind to self-incompetencies] and a quality of ambition that can only be described as voracious.

Another bilious righty smear of Obama?


It’s sci-fi Scalzi berating Sarah Palin. If it was one of those righty attacks, certainly Barry’s utter lack of administrative and executive experience would have been mentioned.

Add that experience problem, plus this:

It’s appalling that the [Democrat] base holds up [Obama] as the sort of person it wants as president of the country, and it points to the sort of intellectual and moral vacuousness that party has that the rest of us simply can’t afford anymore.

Now, we’ve got an apt description of Barack Obama. Barry demonstrates that it is possible to be simultaneously self-serving and a tool.

The hypnotic orations and soaring platitudes have not fooled me. Or persuaded me. I do see evidence of the Harvard education whenever some fragment of Obama’s past makes it past the censors. But being an intellectual and being smart are different abilities. Most of the real geniuses I know in the meat world are not slick talkers. And the slick talkers are usually more about selling somebody else’s product than synthesizing something new.

I'm not clear where Obama attained moral superiority. Or even moral consistency. He accepts legislation which lets babies die in linen closets, leaves his aunt to live in poverty while commanding us to be our brother’s keeper, and seems to believe that no person can rise above the tainted family history and societal prejudice which he himself overcame in his quest for identity-power.

If I grant the assertion that Obama is black, then Barry and Sarah are opposites in nearly all the ways two humans can be. Gender, race-color, politic and economic philosophy, path to political prominence, regard for extended family, etc.

It’s the kind alternative-universe bizarro stuff that science fiction audiences seem to love. Look for it an upcoming Scalzi novel…