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The Assumption of Powerlessness


People do not choose to be victims, or so the compassionate-sounding victim’s advocates tell us. I will leave voluntary victimhood for future discussion, and instead raise the notion of Assumptive Powerlessness.

Here’s Vox Day, challenging the standard negative reaction by women to breast augmentation:

Given the hatred so many women harbor for more attractive women, I suspect that the real source of Irrational Implant-Induced Irritability is that it forces a woman to admit that she has a choice in a matter wherein she would prefer to believe she has none. I think this is similar to the dislike many of the unfit harbor for the fit, it's much nicer to think that the status quo is not your fault and there's simply nothing you can do. Whereas the flat woman can look at the natural D-cup with only mild envy, the augmented D-cup presents her with a direct challenge: you too can look like this if you so choose.

If there is truly “nothing you can do,” you are absolved of responsibility. You may still suffer, but at least it isn’t your fault. Surrender is peace. Or peace of mind.

But then someone substantially the same as you demonstrates personal empowerment. Your assumption of powerlessness is collapsed. You are now responsible for both your own suffering, and for extending its duration.

That’s gotta hurt.

Seems a better position to never assume you cannot improve your condition. Even if you’re wrong, you’ll never know. Because if people like you are truly powerless, none of them can stick their full and pert successes in your face.