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Negative Railroad Main Terminal Station

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Ticket Window

Get your FREE NRR Railpass here. Riding the Negative Railroad costs nothing more than your time. You are, however, invited and encouraged to sign up for a free railpass and become a registered passenger. Registered passengers are allowed to post comments without moderation. And you’ll be first in line to enjoy and special features or valuable content as the NRR network expands. Mostly, though, using your free ticket just lets the Conductor know who is on board. We don’t receive any subsidies to keep NRR operating. Our only pay is the satisfaction of seeing that others think our road is worth riding.

The NRR Mascot

The sleeping kitten seen on our sign boards is named Chessie. She used to work for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. When the C&O evolved into the CSX Corporation, Chessie was let go. We found her wandering the intertracks and decided to give the old gal a new home.

NRR Personnel

The Conductor is the voice that points out the highlights of your journey. You can contact him here. The Stationmaster is responsible for keeping our operation in good order. If you have a technical issue, you may choose to contact him here.