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Veep Showdown

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Mostly a snooze.

Palin is one long run-on sentence. Her, Palin’s, sentence construction, also makes it hard to follow her points. Due to her sentence construction. And running on, also.

Biden likes numbers. He claims McCain voted 20 times for something Obama voted for 6-1/2 years ago. Or 7. Which is 39% of 4-billion-dollar tax breaks to ExxonMobil that McCain voted for. Just like Bush.

So…I got nothing substantive to examine.

Palin is outstanding at being herself. She glows when talking about American principles and the privilege of representing the public.

Biden is pretty impressed with himself, and has evidently sat through a lot of committee hearings and Senate debates. Pretty much what one would expect from a dinosaur.

Will Wilkinson liveblogged the showdown. His version seems a fair summary. And much more entertaining. Also.

My favorites:

8:23 - Palin: Dems are flipfloppers. In Alaska I wrestled oil companies, and bears! I had to undo Obama’s screw ups. Hey, I have no specific positions, so I’m just gonna do what’s right.

8:32 - Biden: Global warming totally manmade. I know. I made it. By Talking.

9:06 - Palin: You DID TOO support McCain and give the shaft to Obama. Pundits: Go to the tape. McCain knows how to win a war because he was tortured in one his dad helped lose.

9:07 - Biden: OMG, it would be TERRIBLE national tragedy if Joe Biden had to be president. But I would be AWESOME at it.