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Earmarks in Palin’s Stump Speech

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In the previous post, I made a distinction between “pork eaters” and “pork producers”. Palin seems to grasp that distinction. Zip ahead to 2:59 in this clip:

Just the other day, our opponent brought up earmarks, and frankly I was surprised that he did, considering his record on earmarks. I didn’t think he’d want to go there. In just three years, our opponent has requested nearly a billion dollars in earmarks, and that’s about a million dollars every working day.

We reformed the abuses of earmarks in our state, and it was while our opponent was requesting a billion dollars in earmarks as a Senatorial privilege. What I was doing was vetoing half a billion dollars as an executive responsibility.

Palin is a pork eater, for sure. Earmarks help feed the State of Alaska (or at least Alaska government). But Palin put Alaska on a diet.

Meanwhile, Obama was telling Illinois and the rest of the country to go ahead and have another scoop of ice cream. With fudge and sprinkles!