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How Rockwell Reduced Sinusoidal Repleneration

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Here’s a fellow from Rockwell Industries who probably went on to join the Car Talk staff:

According to the folks at Maggie’s Farm, this was an off-the-cuff bit to test the sound levels before they shot the real video.

And thanks to a Maggie’s commenter, here’s the same Turbo Encabulator technology after a few decades of scientific progress:


Maybe NRR needs in house staff. May I nominate Professor I.M. Ver Bose.

By his name, Professor (Dr.?) Ver Bose appears to be of Dutch-East Indian descent. Such a combination of stereotypes (mercantile and technical skill) would indeed meet a need at the NRR.

Since the imaginitubes are not bound by Federal labor law, I will move his name to the top of our hiring list.