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We Lost a Chopper


Another major event transpired during my experiment with avoiding primary news sources. OBL’s dirt nap is a big deal, even as I see no cause to celebrate.

Neither end of my radio dial, nor most of the blogs I follow made a point of this:

Once under way, four helicopters ferried the U.S. forces to the Abbottabad compound, lowered the SEALS behind the walls and began descending toward a landing. No shots were fired, but shortly after the team hit the ground, one of the helicopters came crashing down and rolled onto its side for reasons the government has yet to explain. None of the SEALs was injured, however, and the mission continued uninterrupted. The crippled aircraft was destroyed before the raiding party flew out in the three remaining helicopters.

I’ve heard a lot of back-patting and credit-taking from all factions. But we lost a chopper. This wasn’t a smooth, slick pro-quality mission.

Our standards might be low, given Mogadishu and the disastrous attempt to rescue hostages from Iran in 1980.

Democrat Presidents and helicopter raids don’t mix. Is Big Media asking any questions about who screwed this one up?


This is war and in war helicopters fall. Importantly that our guys will alive