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Cruella de Vil is Looking Out for You

On a recent trip to TJICistan, I was struck by this perspective on the tax forfeiture shut-down of an ice cream shop. If government was a person, it would be an evil stepmother.

You see, deprived of $140k, the state can not do necessary things like pay for seven hundredths of one percent of the cost of a new high school in Newton with a restaurant and a “trendy, zigzag shape; and an indoor pool”


Changing My Mind

I'm in the midst of sorting through a controversial issue. It seems that some of the controversy arises from each side forming an opinion of the opposition without any direct interaction. If they just talked, they still might not agree, but would at least have a better understanding of their differences. This could open the path to some sort of compromise and avoid catastrophe.

Entering a discussion looking for compromise, I imagine my uncle telling me, is looking for defeat. If one is willing to sacrifice a belief so readily, is that belief (or that person) even worth defending?


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