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Mitt’s Inspiration


One of the better parts of Romney’s shtick is his vision for a resurgent America. His campaign book is titled No Apology: The Case for American Greatness. Wikipedia explains:

The title makes reference to Romney's contention that President Barack Obama has repeatedly apologized for past American actions during trips abroad, and the subtitle to Romney's belief in American exceptionalism. The book avoids anecdotes about Romney's personal or political life and focuses much of its attention on a substantive presentation of his views on economic and geopolitical matters, including his inveighing against the resurgence of populism. Government is seen as having some valuable roles, such as fostering innovation and expanding health insurance coverage to everyone. The book largely avoids discussion of social issues.

Expansive, caretaker government? Check.
Warning against trusting the people over the elites? Check.

His two major negatives are embraced. That the current President is a scoundrel is a given. I give Romney no credit for beating that drum.

If he ascends to the GOP nomination, Big Media will surely investigate his faith. My experience comports with what I’ve read, that Mormons are honest hardworking reliable upstanding people. The tenets of the faith and the teachings of the LDS church do include some weird stuff that Mitt will have to address. Polygamy seems firmly in the past, and is not a serious issue. Baptism for the dead and some doctrinal racism, however, might need to be dealt with.

Most interesting, though, is that Romney’s vision of American exceptionalism may be founded more on religion than patriotism. The Book of Mormon

delves into political theology within a Christian or Jewish context. Among these themes are American exceptionalism. According to the book, the Americas are portrayed as a "land of promise", the world's most exceptional land of the time. The book states that any righteous society possessing the land would be protected, whereas if they became wicked they would be destroyed and replaced with a more righteous civilization.

It appears Romney would want to return America not to the Founders, but to God.