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Get a Helmet

Dr. Lastname, a psychiatrist blogger, wants you to know that life is hard:

I know, you’ve got lots of feelings about what you can’t change and you’d prefer to ask why rather than accept what you consider as defeat. But here’s the advice that I think can be most helpful: fuck that shit. You’re never defeated if what’s stopping you is reality.  Defeat is wasting your time complaining about what you can’t change or trying to control it when you know you can’t. Defeat is being an idiot about not giving up on your wishes. Victory is putting up with the pain and humiliation of reality and trying to make things better anyway.

So goals are not just wishes or feelings– they’re what you want to do after you eat the shit of reality, because the alternative of pretending that it will go away is even worse. I can’t tell you why you should accept a terrible deal, only that we’re living in a harsh, unfair world and that’s the way it is. If you want to make the best of it and the messy, sad unfairness of life, I want to help. Otherwise, you’re whining. You’ve got good reason to whine, but it’s not helpful, so don’t do it.

I disagree slightly. Complaining can be both entertaining and therapeutic. But your friends and your bartender will eventually get tired of you. Start a blog. Then you can whine across the anonymous intertubes where nobody can tell you to shut the fuck up.

Eventually, though, you will even get sick of listening to your own shit. So you’ll have to shut the fuck up and do something. You will make mistakes. Progress might be invisibly slow at times. It’s like that for everybody. You’re not any special kind of loser.

So get off your ass, get a helmet, and get into the fight. It’ll give you something else to whine about.

H/T: Maggie’s Farm


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