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Week-end Getaway

You meet the silent type
On a windy trail
With a shiny cloak and an unseen silver dagger
You can talk ’til you ache
Give yourself one more break
You can tell by the look on his face that it just doesn’t matter

This is the naked truth
This is the light
There’s only one place left to go

Note from the Conductor—

Frequently I have seen other lines operate a regular diversion from their main service. Friday cat pics, for example, or the Thursday free ad for Bob at Maggie’s Farm. We all need a break from front line action. This will be mine.


The HD video may take time to load, but it is worth it (switch to the 720p and go full-screen).

Beyond the lushness and ancient architecture, what gets me are the road signs. We spend most of our time looking at such functional markings. We look past the art of a living world. Our experience is guided.

Lausanne—right lane :: next exit—Geneve.

My trip was o.k., but I got turned around and ended up in Luzern.