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Between Pyschopaths and Sheep


Rebellion, like childbirth, must take the time it takes. There must be a conception, gestation and labor before it emerges. No steps may be omitted. Everyone has their own breaking point. People who break too soon are called psychopaths. People who break too late are called sheep. Somewhere in the middle is a small group of people that history will remember.

Quoted from: Professor Hale, in a comment at Vox Popoli. Another commentor, Don Reynolds, adds:

I like to point out that the American Revolution that began in April 1775 at Lexington and Concord, fought pitched battles with the British for OVER A YEAR until (damn) reluctant delegates finally agreed to draft the declaration of independence in July 1776.

My friends, even after we all give up on the ballot box and the soap box and resort to the cartridge box, there may be no agreement among us about the direction or distance we are willing to travel together. (There will not be an agreed-upon plan.)

Do not wait for a consensus of opinion or even a majority. Revolutions are started by a small fraction of the population, so don't wait for the sheeple to join you. They never will. But you can make a really big revolution with a very few people.