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One of Us Must Be Crazy


Most Leftists of my acquaintance, or whose words I have read, seem to live in a world entirely made of emotional images, not facts, not reality, not reason, and whatever the loudest or most alluring emotional images is that persists in their brains, that is how they deem reality (to them, a flexible and plaint substance, like clay) can be molded.

The act is symbolic: none of them have read the bill, not even the people who voted for it. I suspect each part was written by a lobbyist in the pay of the Insurance company concerned with whatever particular advantaged them--and even they did not read the entirety. Passing this bill is merely voodoo, like sticking a pin in a wax doll, an action done to satisfy an emotional image, nor a reasoned response to an alleged political economic inequity.

It is not that they know nothing of the basics of economics, it is that they reject that knowledge as unpalatable, and accuse you of suffering a moral or mental defect if you possess knowledge. They think the law of supply and demand can simply be defied, provided only we try hard enough, work hard enough, don't question authority, and have enough draconian laws to punish class-saboteurs.

All people, not just lefties, live in a world of feelings. I am convinced that man is a feeling machine that thinks. Or, a machine that can think.

Children start with feelings. They learn to think as their personalities develop and mature. A well-functioning adult finds a balance between mind and heart. Neither is the exclusive servant of the other.

It is more difficult every day for me to maintain the attitude that lefties are good people. Unicorn Care is the latest, largest example of nominal adults acting as children. Or as sufferers of some personality disorder that stifles the rational part of the mind.

I had an eye-opening and disheartening discussion with a Leftist, a young lady of whom I have always been fond, and she told me the real reason for the Left pressure for health reform. "Have you ever met a poor doctor?" she sneered.

She went on to say that she had a moral right, nay, a duty, to take tax money from those who objected to abortions and use it to fund killing children in the womb.

Words cannot express my shock. The purity of the malice involved in that question "Have you ever met a poor doctor?" is without compare in my experience. I had never seen the like.

That leftist has not seen this story:

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Dr. Rene Loyola says he has given up just about everything to keep practicing medicine. The surgeon owns no home or land, and has no savings other than a retirement plan after 29 years in the profession. He says he frequently has to turn away patients who need his help the most.

Loyola blames all the trouble on soaring malpractice insurance rates that forced him to join the thousands of other doctors nationwide who have dropped their liability coverage.

“On paper, I have nothing. I’m a pauper. My wife owns everything,” said Loyola, who made the changes to protect himself from lawsuits. “It’s a good thing we get along.”

The phenomenon of practicing medicine without insurance, or “going bare,” is most rampant in Florida, where health officials say more than 3,000 of the state’s 89,000 licensed physicians have dropped their coverage.

The Unicorn Care bill studiously avoids adressing the problem of malpractice abuse. Congressional Democrats did not want to activate opposition from the trial lawyer lobby. Simply acknowledging the malpractice issue as something to be handled later would be somewhat respectable. But rather than adress a genuine problem, it is ignored. What lefties do not see—because their hands are over their eyes—does not exist.

My experience parallels those I quoted. I have seen things that leave me with a difficult and unwelcome conclusion. Those that support Unicorn Care are either immature, deranged, or malicious.

They appear to have reached the same conclusion about me. There is no compromising with crazy people. No matter which side is correct from God’s Objective Eye, we’re headed toward violence.