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Unicorn Care


Senate lefties have passed their first major hurdle toward enacting a health bill. It is 2,733 pages, including 383 pages of last-minute payoffs amendments. There is simply no way anyone who is voting knows what the bill dictates.

So what are they voting on? Wishes and platitudes:

"Today we are closer than we've ever been to making Senator Ted Kennedy's dream of universal health insurance coverage a reality," Sen. Tom Harkin said ahead of the vote, alluding to the late Massachusetts senator who died of brain cancer in August. 

"Vote your hopes, not your fears. Seize the moment," Harkin urged colleagues.

The U.S. Senate is nothing more than a 5th-grade classroom with nicer desks.


Will unicorns be fined for not purchasing coverage, or will they be exempt to secure support for the program?