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DFL Marching Orders Lost by Post Office


Many Minneapolis democrats had to cast ballots last week without guidance from their DFL overlords. That model of government efficiency, the US Postal Service, was unable to deliver sample-ballot postcards by election day:

The Sample Ballots were completed and sent off for mailing on Thursday October 22nd. The Minneapolis Post Office completed the assemblage of the bulk mailing on October 27th. The target dates for the mailing to be sent out were originally October 25th and 26th—Later than the candidates wanted—but the 27th became the actual date, the first small problem.

The second problem was one of far larger implications the bulk mailing permit printed on all of the Sample Ballots corresponds to the St. Paul Post Office, meaning it needed to be shipped to the other side of the river to be sent out.

This problem remains unclear as to whose responsibility it was to arrange this some finger are being pointed at Impact Mailing, but the vendor only does as instructed so either the instructions from the DFL State Party were flawed or no specific instruction was given.

Upon learning the political mailing was at the wrong location it was moved to the Central Minneapolis Post Hub on October 30th. Still on the wrong side of the river, but they were going to try and aid with the problem. This is where the third problem crops up the Bulk Mailing was not properly tagged with the red tag #57. In fact, we have learned as of Election Day 17 of the 48 trays involved in this bulk mailing were not properly tagged.

If you don’t know who you’re voting for and why you’re voting for them, can you really claim to be participating in democracy? And is it any surprise that a government elected by the willfully ignorant has led to failing institutions like the USPS?

But I bet every one of these devout DFLers believes elections should play a bigger role in health care.