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Here it is, the last day of my experiment with extended rememberance. It has been difficult. Life really does get in the way.

Maybe that’s the point. Life should get in the way. Those who sacrificed did so to allow me to follow the path of my life. If I spend too much time looking backward, I stop moving forward.

It calls to mind our mission here at NRR, and the words which inspired it:

A time will come when someone asks you: 'What were you doing about it?' You can't tell them: 'I was just watching it. I was just an innocent bystander.' Let me tell you something: There are no innocent bystanders in this.

Some years back, I went with one of my pallys to hear Ray Bradbury give a talk. He told us the meaning of life. He said we are here to bear witness.

Not to witness any given thing, but simply to witness how creation plays out. Sometimes we meet tragedy. Sometimes joy. But if we are truly alive, we are watching it all. And remembering. Witnesses.

Life doesn’t get in the way. It is the way. And it continues, no matter what those bastards tried to do.