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Barry and the Butter Knife


I fully expected some kind of Federal health legislation to pass, supported by rhetoric about honoring Ted Kennedy and his cancer. Now it seems the people might stop such nonsense from becoming law.

Should some Kennedy rhetoric be deployed in some effort to resuscitate the legislation, keep this in mind:

So the elder patriarch of the Kennedy Clan shipped his daughter off to a convent, and when she started sneaking out at night and embarrassing the family, he somehow authorized physicians to saw into her brain until she lost the ability to speak.

I think the most horrible thing I’ve read in the last few months is

As Dr. Watts cut … he asked her to recite the Lord’s Prayer … When she began to become incoherent, they stopped.

I seriously didn’t think it was possible, but my loathing for that disgusting clan of abhorrent power-mad elitist scoundrels has managed to grow a little bit more today.

It non-logical to support an argument because of the people who promote it. But if faced with such arguments from authority or sympathy, it seems fair to counter with similar non-logical rhetoric about Kennedy family’s history of intentional brain scrambling.