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Big Media and Barry’s Birth


Truth is revealed by both what is said and what is not said. Neo-neocon offers a non-conspiratorial reason for following Barry’s birth certificate controversy:

This furtiveness on Obama’s part ties into his secrecy about other aspects of his life. I’m referring most particularly to his school records, from Occidental and Columbia and Harvard Law. These, we know he could release. This failure of his leads inexorably to the perception that the man is hiding something, although we don’t know exactly what or exactly why.

Among the many changes he promised, Barry was going to bring transparency to government. But he hasn’t even revealed himself.

Of course, the press has completely abdicated its duty to explore (as it did with Kerry, as well). Instead, it has taken on the task of defending Obama and excoriating his questioners.

This has nothing to do with whether Obama was born in Hawaii, as I’ve noted. It has everything to do with transparency, however. And it has everything to do with the failure of the press to do its job.

Whatever the facts of Obama’s birth, the controversy highlights the failure of big media to find and present those facts.