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Hope in a Teapot


I was at last month’s local Tea Party on the Capitol lawn. By now, most have probably settled on believing the media’s truth of the day’s events. What I saw was not that story.

The crowd numbered in the thousands. They weren’t mad about taxes. Or, not just about taxes. Most of the signs seemed to reference big government and big government debt.

And the crowd was civil. Disappointingly so. I wanted pitchforks.

Thanks to technology and the internet, the truth is available, should this day become recognized as the start of anything Important. I don’t have much to add.

Just this, my best photo of the day. A boy sits on the grass, his back to the speakers, facing opposite the throng. His sister cartwheels and cavorts around him, as kids do. The boy does not lose his focus. He is reading the Constitution.

Kid reading Constitution 2009April15

This is hope.