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Less of the Same


The current US government is proposing and enacting a raft of new policies. When opposition is raised, a common retort goes something like, “So, you would rather have more of the same policies that got us into this mess?!”

Well, let’s pretend the people who respond with that vacuous non-argument understand the mechanics of policies they’re complaining about. Perhaps it is not the structure of those policies that created the problem. Maybe it is the scale.

Maybe the best achievable path is not “change”. Adopting new policies at a grand scale is like switching the hammer from the right hand to the left, while the problem has always been something other than a nail.

No, I don’t want more of the same. I want less. Less pretentious and bungling government meddling in every decision. Less bureaucracy, less waste, less corruption. Less treasure spent killing foreign people.

Change is just different bungling and different waste. Just different corporations reaping benefits from Congressional vote-buying. Change is not the answer. At least not in the superficial way those infantile ignoramuses are insisting “change” is a principle upon which to develop government policy. It’s different, and it still sucks.

Give me, give us, less. Less of the same corruption. Less of the same violence. I want fewer victims, not different victims.

More of the same is not the answer. More of something different is not the answer, either. Less is best.