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Libertarian Revolutionary Challenges Limbaugh


Texas Congressman and failed Republican Presidential contender, Ron Paul, heard last week’s  hubbub about radio’s top blowhard and the GOP. Paul has challenged Limbaugh to a debate, just as Rush challenged Barry:

“I was disappointed with Rush because he is a good conservative, yet he hardly said hardly boo against George Bush,” Paul said. “He supported all that big spending. Did he complain about George Bush? Did he complain about all those wars that were going on that caused us so much trouble?

“That’s the kind of issues that I want to talk about. And I will be quite willing to challenge Rush Limbaugh on those issues. But just to pick out a word or two and say, he is wrong, I don’t think that solves any problems.”

That would be magnificent!

Paul is not entirely accurate in his characterization of Limbaugh. Rush did not support Bush’s domestic spending. He complained about Bush regularly and vehemently.

A debate on the foreign wars which Limbaugh boosted would be enlightening. I am eager to learn if Limbaugh will take up the opportunity, or simply blast Paul for weak communication skills and fringe philosophies.

Libertarians have fine pacifist principles, but they do not seem to fully appreciate the hostile and aggressive nature of other nations. Or of the catastrophic power wielded by non-state actors. We must defend our political experiment against the predations of other competing political experiments.

The porcupine is an excellent symbol for libertarian thought. But pointy quills will deter stop suicidal maniacs who have abandoned negotiation.

Both men have well-thought arguments. If they ever do face off, it would help me to see which are most useful and robust.