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Mystery Solved


Listening to the talking heads defend, explain and justify the policies of the Failed Obama Administration™, I realize who the leader of the GOP really is: George W. Bush.

The lefties have all the power. They respond to every challenge against their use of that power by looking in the rear-view mirror. Barry says all his problems are inherited. So, the man commanding all this Democrat energy is actually the previous President.

That Rove must really be a genius, to manipulate policy even after an election that left his team in the minority in all three branches of the government.


Since the issue of who leads the GOP is settled—at least as evidenced by Democrat behaviour—how about the party currently in charge quit fiddling with the radio, take their eyes off the mirror, look through the windshield, and maybe try to tackle the 65-trillion-dollar unfunded liability that’s looming just around the bend.