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To Serve Man


Obama’s budget proposal is a declaration of war.

The porkulus bill was ordinary leftyism, or ordinary politics, taken to the next level. I estimate the productive elements of the US economy could have paid for it. Remember, we do get some value out of the $787B. The money is not all set on fire, just put to less productive uses.

It struck me last night that I misread the title of the budget. I thought, after the non-SOTU, “A New Era of Responsibility” meant fiscal responsibility. In some post-modern truth-free sense. It took as being aimed at actually increasing economic output. Ludicrously flawed, but still intended to re-ignite the pursuit of the American Dream.


What Barry means by “A New Era of Responsibility” is we are now our brother’s keeper. The so-called rich are guilty for hoarding wealth while so many poor struggle to survive with just one car and only two TVs. Barry is working to correct this systemic injustice, to make sure nobody has more than one car or more than two TVs.

To Serve Man cookbook coverNow, when I see photos of the budget document, the title appears as “To Serve Man”. The concept of The United States as a constitutional republic is under attack. The attackers say they want to help us, to take away our worries, and to lift us into a new and better life. This time, will Congress bother to read the document, and discover its true contents? Or will they again blindly yield on our behalf? Will the people even care?

I despise Barry and Congress for stealing the country. And for making me sound even more like a wingnut than I used to. War is hell.

And it is only getting started.