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Where Pretty Lies Perish


A Vermont lefty—and Obama voter—awakens [emphasis in original]:

I looked so forward to not having to listen to that stupid, smug son-of-a-bitch "W" Bush. I was really excited about the prospects of having a smart, eloquent, level-headed leader speaking in plain truths and common sense. I am such an asshole! What I have come to realize is that even though I found Bush-the-dumber virtually impossible to listen to, I always thought it was because he was such a self-congratulatory moron. But what I have quickly come to understand is that it was NOT his insipid, shit-assed grin, or his quasi-literate references to Noooquoooler Weaponsssssssssss that made me nutso, it was his lying. And the reason I know that now is because I feel THE EXACT SAME WAY about our new President.

It is the lying and the bullshitting that makes me so fucking insanely furious!! It is the fact that these guys treat us like fucking children---little kids who can't handle the truth. Well, FUCK YOU Mr. President!!! The truth is so very easy to uncover, despite your lies! NO, Mr. President, our money is NOT safe in our banks. You are a liar. The FDIC is virtually insolvent. Bank failures means no access to money. Sure you can make the claim that, in fact, our money is safe because BY LAW it is insured. But "BY LAW" is not reality Mr. President. You can sit up there and obfuscate and dissemble and speak in half-truths and hedge your words with the greatest of care so that, if challenged, you can---you litigious asshole!---use your legal double-speak to defend your lies. But in the end it is just that, lies.

The problem is not the person in charge, their personal style, or the party jersey they wear. Whether smooth urban Democrat, or a homespun prairie Republican, the President is merely the figurehead for an over-reaching and overstretched government. The sooner we all stop blaming our mutual woes on the other politcal team, the sooner we might begin to change what needs changing.

Follow the writer’s campaign slogan for his 2010 Congressional bid: SCREW ’EM!

H/T: Maggie’s Farm

Title credit: Roissy in DC