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Check My Math


$900,000,000,000 (porkulus plus 1st-year interest cost)
÷    300,000,000 (estimate of US legal population)
=        300,000 (cost of bill per person)

Congress is borrowing an additional $300K per American.


Not to deflect an asteroid, repel an extra-terrestrial invasion, or to rebuild after a cataclysmic volcanic earthquake. No. They’re spending it on golf carts, happy meals, and bureaucratic circle-jerks.

If the several States do not challenge this under the Tenth Amendment, and if the Supreme Court does not declare the act unconstitutional, it will be time for war.

Most folks struggle to pay off a $10,000 credit card debt in good times. A $300K debt consigns every person and their posterity to perpetual servitude. Lincoln, it is claimed, ended slavery. Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are bringing it back.

Government is the new plantation. Maybe they will be kind masters, allowing us some books, and seeing to our good health. As with racial slavery, this veneer of kindness does not change the underlying condition of servitude.

A bit more math shows the Federal Debt will be something above $4,000,000 per person. This stimulus increases it less than 10%.

We have been slaves all along.


Recheck your math. How many zeros?

Somebody who actually checked my math has informed me of an error. I was off by two zeroes. The bill only adds $3,000 per American to the Federal debt.

I was wrong. At least mathematically. And, perhaps we could each work extra hard and pay off three grand.

Those who choose not to work harder need not worry. They’ll probably get bailed out later. So those who do the “right thing” should plan to work double extra hard to cover the layabouts.

Your personal share of the total 2009 debt is similarly reduced. By the wave of a pencil, you now owe only $40,000.

Do you feel any better?