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Voter Remorse


The current President has shown poor judgment in his cabinet picks. He’s taken a hostile tone with Republicans, contrary to his promised bipartisan “change”. He’s taken a series of steps to make the United States appear weaker in the eyes of terrorists. And he’s put his name on an $800 billion addition to the deficit which he didn’t write.

I expect Obama’s supporters are happy with this. Conservatives, and even most Republicans, are irate. There’s a third group, not getting mention in the media or the blogs I follow, who are likely the real victims of voter remorse: Hillary supporters.

Barry is showing all the weaknesses Clinton targeted in the primary campaign. She was right. We seem to have forgotten that Obama won the primary by an almost-imaginary margin, determined not by the people, but by party insiders.

Are the Hillary voters paying attention? If so, do they regret letting this neophyte win? Are they happy that she’s had her Secretary of State portfolio diminshed by several regional foreign-policy appointees (eg. Mitchell for the Middle East)? Clinton is not a participant in any of the “once-in-a-lifetime” issues facing the country. She’s been marginalized by her own team.

I knew Obama would be repugnant to my views. He is no surprise. I can’t pretend to understand the mind of a Hillary voter, but it’s hard to figure how she would not have been a better President than Barry. I expect the first lefty group to acknowledge their remorse will be Clinton’s PUMAs.