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Tokyo Rose Bites Axis Sally


Coyote posts evidence that Tokyo Rose Obama’s anti-hope message isn’t change, either:

The other day I hypothesized that panic-stricken statements of disasters from both the outgoing Bush administrations and the new Obama administration, generally crafted to help push “emergency” legislation, are having a substantial negative effect on the economy. It turns out, this is not a new accusation. From Newsweek, 1991:


Be afraid, be very afraid. That has been the message of President George W. Bush and his economic team ever since December, when they realized that for the first time in 112 years they couldn’t use the normal argument of new presidents to push their program. Invoking “the will of the people” wasn’t going to cut it this time.

So they did something risky and unusual–they poor-mouthed the economy to build support for their tax cut (which, as currently designed, would have almost zero impact on the economy this year) and to sprinkle a little blame for any recession on Bill Clinton. Even if Bush turns out to be right in his predictions of gloom, that doesn’t mean he was right to make them. Not “prudent,” as his father might say. Not helpful.

Tokyo Rose is merely mining the grooveyard of forgotten favorites and putting a new spin on Axis Sally’s old riffs.