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Relativist Liars

Velociman unleashes a fabulous rant against deserving targets:

This selfsame deceit manifests itself time and again in the Leftist philosophy. Those who cry "Peace!" the loudest are not for peace per se, they are merely the enemies of their own civilization. They cried Peace! when Reagan ousted communist thugs in Grenada, they shouted Peace! against the contras, they shouted Peace! against the Israelis in a stomach-curdling example of relativism.

One never heard, however, the cries of Peace! when the Soviets rolled into Budapest or Prague or Afghanistan, you will never hear Peace! when the Palestinians and Hezbollah reign rockets of death upon a peaceful neighbor, you will never hear Peace! when a mutant Islamist saws the head off a Daniel Pearl.

These filthy lying creatures of the darkness don't desire peace: they desire the defeat of bourgeoise western civilization, for a myriad of reasons, mostly cowardice and the economic advantage of simply being able to be a childish whiner in a society that respects and rewards the hard work and, yes, puritan ethic they are too somnambulent and lazy to aspire to. The current virulent anti-Semitism gushing through the bloodstream of the liberal establishment like a raging Marburg virus is nothing more or less than it has always been: the symptom of the craven cowardice and indolence of the pampered elite. Far easier to collaborate with the ululating Islamist decapitators than to stand tall and defend the Jews against those who brazenly boast of annihilating them. It truly takes a most rancid soul to sit in one's comfort zone and proclaim the Israelis are Nazis and SS troopers and genocidal murderers. To have descended to that level of gibberish is to have proclaimed oneself to all sane peoples that you are an insipid, unserious, dilettantish piece of human garbage, incapable of the simplest differentiation between nobility and gross savagery. I for one refuse to believe these Leftists actually believe this filth they purvey: no one in their right mind could do so. It simply must be the manifestation of the aforementioned cowardice, and the adolescent giggling of the shock-value childish.

Via: Maggie’s Farm