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Temple of Knowledge Booby-trapped


The downtown Minneapolis Hennepin County library is attacking patrons again:

The Minneapolis Central Library has closed most of its Nicollet Mall entrance because of icicles forming and falling from the building’s distinctive “wing.”

Many people think the design of the building and wing is to blame, and someone should have foreseen this problem.

“I think whoever designed this should be held responsible for it,” said Craig Jenkins, who said he visits the library regularly. “They should have known there would be icicles in Minnesota, especially with the way [the wing] was designed.”

Hmmm. A tax-funded and expert-designed public works project that attacks the public. Seems government failed in its role as overseer. Unless “oversight” includes jamming shafts of ice into our heads.

Tell me again, why should I trust the state to manage my health, finances, transportation, education, or natural resources? Because they do such a great job on small stuff like this…?