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Me, too


I am just so tired and disgusted by the hipster attitude, seen everywhere from this book club to the writers at Salon, to a dozen other places (and people I’ve met) who like to pretend that popcorn culture is something more than it is, and that when you don a pair of Lisa-Loeb glasses and add a dash of sarcasm, you’re a wildly witty and informed consumer who is deconstructing the stuff and appreciating it on a meta level.

That’s Travis, on events in Cambridge, MA. I would add something about the impenetrable righteousness of the hipster attitude. Here’s an example closer to the 55418, where Girl Friday completely misses the point of a critical comment on her blog.

First, from a commenter named “Kate”:

Wow... I'm really kind of shocked at how incredibly pretentious you come off as being in this post. I enjoy reading your blog for the most part, but I wasn't expecting such an authoritative post about who should write about food. I actually stopped reading chowhound, for reasons not unlike this post of yours: because of how angry the snobby people on there made me... and anyone who knows me thinks I'm about the biggest food snob there is!

And the response by Alexis (Girl Friday’s meat name):

Kate, welcome to my blog where you can read my opinions on all sorts of different topics. Pretentious? I've been called worse. But as a paid freelance food writer, occasional restaurant industry consultant and former caterer, I'm more than entitled to think my opinions are worth voicing for the readers of my blog. As well, I allow readers to voice their opinions here in the comments, as you have done.

Alexis, Kate didn’t ask for your resume. She challenged the tone of your post. Are you so insecure, or so arrogant, or just so damned hip, that you can’t see Kate isn’t trying to censor you, nor questioning your qualifications? For god’s sake, your claim to fame is a sex column in a free weekly, and you blog mostly about cheap food, cocktails and crafter fashion. Who would even bother censoring it?

Like Travis said, embrace the joy of pop culture schlock, but don’t lie about how important it is. One day your kids will see you, too, as a crusted-over dinosaur and poke fun at those clunky, stupid glasses. Can’t happen soon enough…