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Barry’s Pizza


Barack Obama likes mediocre pizza. A reviewer for Slice (a pizza blog) had this experience:

I picked up my sausage pizza and headed to the car to open the box. Inside was a steaming thin-crust pizza with a noticeable amount of oregano and grease sitting on top. The buttery crust is thicker than traditional Chicago thin crust, but still pretty thin. The homemade sauce was well seasoned and was generously applied around the outer part of the pizza, but the middle pieces could have used a bit more. The sausage seemed to be fairly low quality, but it had some flavor and was well-represented on the pizza.

The reviewer decided the pie got better with age, when the grease soaked back into the crust. It was judged, “rather comforting,” probably great after a night of booze-fueled ballot stuffing community organizing.

A friendlier city-guide-style reviewer says “Ever taste a pizza so good you couldn't find the words to describe it? That's how I feel about Italian Fiesta.” Another city guide gives Italian Fiesta Pizza 3 stars, and includes an online menu.