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Wilkinson Tops Them All


Who won the Presidential town hall debate? Wilkinson. Again. He’s 2–0 vs. all the candidates and the rest of the typing heads.

Here’s the healthcare section:

8:50 - Should health care be a commodity? YES. YES IT SHOULD BE, BECAUSE EVERYTHING THAT IS TREATED LIKE ONE IS GOOD, AND CHEAP. Obama: Moral imperative that we do something. Here’s my plan. I’ll make it cheaper for you. More free lunches. No insurance? You got it! McCain hates sick people, because his plan makes sense.

8:53 - McCain: Online records, improve efficiencies. Obama is all like “government this government that.” Obama will fine you if you don’t get insurance. I’ll give you tax credit you can take anywhere. Arizona might be better than Tennessee, Tennesseans. I need a hair transplant. We need choice, not mandates. Of course, of course.

8:55 - Health: Privelege right or responsibility? McCain: Responsibility. No gov’t mandates. We all understand that. Obama wants to ram his plan down your throat.

8:56 - Obama: Right! When we’re this wealthy, the idea that sick people should have to not spend other people’s money is an outrage. Mandate won’t hurt that much. It’s for your own good. McCain doesn’t give a crap for kids because giving a crap for anything means voting to give them things. It’s true that I think its important that … It’s a problem to shop around because there might be a competitive environment. So we need to make sure there’s no competition so that there is mediocre homogeneity.